Compact Package - £395

This 6 Game Package is the ideal size for birthday parties, office parties, weddings and family get togethers. We've chosen our most popoular games - Roll a Ball & Marble Mouse Hole are both known as roll down games and require a little luck and a skillfil eye. On the floor we have our portable Skee Ball Alley which is enjoyable whether you're keeping score or not! The light wooden ring sail through the air on to our Flag Hoopla set, whilst you'll need a steady hand to complete the Buzzer challenge. Finally, we've a Carnival favourite - Stand the Bottle, where you'll use all your skill and patience to get the bottle to stand up right using a pole and string. 

You can use these games inside or outside, although the Buzzer wont stand more than a quick shower before it needs cleaning.

Group One Games

Whilst we've chosen 6 of our most popular games, you're welcome to build your own package and choose any 6 from this list, subject to availability.

Roll a Ball, Bowl a Ball, Marble Mouse Hole, Vintage Ring Toss, Flag Hoopla, Stand the Bottle, Ping Pong Drop, Dutch Shuffle Board, Beat the Buzzer, Pub Quoites, Bagatelle, Big Cheese, Frozen Skee Ball, Plinko and Shove Ha'penny.

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Vintage Fairground 1940