Outdoor Package

Here are 6 of our favourite outdoor games, providing large scale fun for all ages in an outdoor setting. These games are larger, and heavier than those in group one, so we need good access and space to install. Everyone loves our archery game, complete with safety arrows and knock down targets, it's a real challenge which will keep you and your guests coming back for another try. The Hook a Duck barrel once contained port and then whisky, but now it has 9 little ducks swimming in water. Simple for children and addictive for adults who are challenged with a first to five competition. Tug of War provides excellent photo opportunities and our host will act as referee and help you set it up. Score Under 20 is an extremely popular fairground style game. Splat the Rat is a stand out (and stand up) game where someone drops the rat down the chute and the other trys to pin it to the board with a bat before it hits the floor. The final game in this set is Aunt Sally. A regional game with a long history, players have to knock down the pin (our Sally) using hefty rolling pins at a great distance. A real treat to play and watch.

Group Two Games

Whilst we've chosen 6 of our most popular games, you're welcome to build your own package and choose any 6 from this list, subject to availability, or any from group one.

Cupid's Arrow (Archery), Tin Can Alley, Tip the Hats, Hook a Duck, Tug of War Rope and flags, Aunt Sally, Splat the Rat, Score under 20 Darts, Stick 3 Cards Darts, Play Your Cards Right, La Petite Roue, Horse Shoe Toss and Ball in the Bucket.

See Games Gallery for images to help your choose.

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